To mold. A transitive verb, of course: you shape something, you give form to it.

By shaping, you perform an action. An action that permeates the matter with solidity and durability. Shaping refers to handicraft, and it is no accident that most people associate this very verb with dreams. It is said that dreams can shape reality, but it is also true that willpower leads to shaping your dreams.

All these ideas have contributed to the work that allowed us to create our bags. We have shaped one of our recurring dreams and turned it into reality, by creating –in the truest sense of the word- an object that stems directly from the matter.

carlotta roma

If we think about it, by taking the matter, molding it into a dream and letting it take the shape that we have always wanted, we perform a revolutionary, liberating act that makes us stronger and more self-confident when it comes to deal with our daily lives.

All this is MYLIE by Carlotta Roma: a feminine soul shaped into a mold and eventually 3D printed. A great satisfaction and a dream at the same time. A rush of innovation driven by artisan tradition, as it was done in the past. Carlotta Roma pursues the future by modernizing the typical activities which belong to the great Italian artisan tradition. However, times change and if you want to shed the light on some truth, you cannot stop shaping your dreams in a concrete and tangible way.

And Carlotta Roma reaches the truth, by means of the best available technologies together with the desire to get her own hands dirty.